Advantages and Benefits of Pilates

You can feel and look better

Studies have shown that back pain can be reduced.

Correcting muscle imbalances can in many instances bring improvements to posture. Studies at Australia's Griffith University 2017 and at Queens University in Ontario Canada also noted in their conclusions 'a significant lower level of functional disability and average pain intensity'. Anyone who has been diagnosed with back pain should consult with their doctor before commencing any exercise programme, not just Pilates.

The exercises are very safe and ideal for beginners

Pilates is considered a safe form of exercise for beginners and reformer based Pilates is particularly safe as the equipment provides support for your body. The low impact form of exercise will not stress your joints.

Pilates is medically approved by health professionals

There are very few forms of exercise that are medically approved. However GP's, hospitals, physiotherapists, back pain centres and rheumatology clinics have all recommended their patients to Pilates. It is quite common to find a variety of health professionals regularly attending Pilates sessions.

Improving core Strength is the key to spinal support

It is now widely understood and accepted that Pilates improves core strength. Almost 100 years ago Joseph Pilates broadly referred to the core as 'the powerhouse'. This group of muscles provide support and stability for your spine.

It helps both osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms

How resistance exercise can aid osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density was detailed in Women's Health magazine in November 2017. Reformer Pilates has also shown to be effective at increasing the bone mineral density of those suffering from post-menopausal osteoporosis. The Spanish menopause society also found that Pilates also helped the body to deal with changes in body temperature.

The Pilates CoreAlign improves balance and stability

A Time magazine article in February 2017 referred to a study by the University of British Columbia which found that Pilates exercises that improve core strength have the added benefit of improving balance and stability. Many of the exercises on the CoreAlign are performed in an upright position and bring about definite improvements in balance because the exercises are core focussed.

You can feel and look better by improving your posture

Correcting muscle imbalances can in most instances bring improvements to posture. Poor posture can be caused by adopting a slumped sitting position. The muscles that help to maintain our posture, including the core muscles become weak and Pilates exercises can target these muscles and improve their strength and stamina. A University of British Columbia study by Marie-Louise Bird also found a positive connection between Pilates exercises and improved posture.

Pilates can help to correct scoliosis in children

Following extensive and successful trials with Pilates based exercises, the Dayton's Children's Hospital in Dayton, Ohio recently launched a Scolio- Pilates centre. Children with scoliosis will now follow a Pilates exercise programme. The founders were Pilates teacher Karena Theck and Ann Smith who is the manager of the Dayton orthopaedics physical therapy centre. It is anticipated that the centre will see about 300 children referred in its first year.

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