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Desk related back pain

Recently we have found that more and more of the 'back pain' clients arriving in the studio are IT workers or those that have to spend large parts of their working day in a desk related or sitting environment.

With prolonged sitting, some of the underused 'core' muscles in our lower body are often a contributing factor for those experiencing chronic non specific low back pain. However this problem can usually be remedied by weekly attendance at a good reformer Pilates studio. For many chronic low back pain sufferers the solution often requires no more than an improvement in 'core' strength and posture.

Strengthening your back
and your core

It is widely accepted that the human body was not designed for a sedentary life. In the beginning we were probably hunter gatherers. But a day in the life of a desk related worker often includes; sitting to eat breakfast, sitting on the way to work, sitting for most of our working day, sitting on our way back home and sitting for the final meal of the day before sitting yet again in the evening to relax. That is an awful lot of sitting! Unsurprisingly we have some muscles that are going to be underused, and this can result in us having inadequate core strength.

More than twenty years ago our studio became passionate about the Pilates reformer, and this still remains the best known piece of Pilates equipment. More recently however the lesser known but equally effective Pilates Corealign machine has gained an impressive worldwide reputation in long term rehabilitatiion for back pain sufferers. At Leeds Pilates Centre our Corealigns have proved to be at least the equal of the reformers in reducing back pain levels by improving core strength in clients. Just one weekly session is usually sufficient to bring about measurable gains in mobility and reductions in back pain. (You may read genuine comments from back pain clients in our Google reviews).

You should always work to a bespoke programme of Pilates exercises that are focussed on your own specific health needs. A one size fits all Pilates class, where everyone is performing the same exercises together, is not really suitable and some exercises may even make your condition worse. You may struggle with both the constant changing of exercise positions and also in keeping up with the pace of the main group - who may have been exercising together for a considerable time.

Any reputable Pilates studio will always insist upon an initial consultation prior to you commencing regular Pilates reformer sessions.

Regardless of where you live, we will always try to answer any questions that you may have so please call or email us if you or need more information.

Good luck with your Pilates.
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