Pioneering Pilates studio to first introduce the CoreAlign to Leeds

Improve your core strength

The CoreAlign delivers unparalleled results

The CoreAlign gives you core strengthening results that are outstanding and unparalleled. You will find the exercises effective, easy to learn and enjoyable to do. This piece of Pilates specialist equipment is hugely popular in the USA where it is manufactured but still relatively unknown in the UK. It has proved to be so popular in our own studio that we now have 3 CoreAligns and these are the only ones in the Leeds area at the time of writing. At the end of the 1990's we introduced the reformer to the area and we are again proud to be the pioneering Pilates studio to first introduce the CoreAlign to Leeds.

Let the CoreAlign improve your posture and balance

Many of the CoreAlign exercises are performed in an upright position and this can result in rapid improvements in your balance and posture. The CoreAlign delivers results and both Pilates beginners and first time users will feel the difference after just one session - but in a nice way. Most of the exercises are unique to the CoreAlign and cannot be performed on any other apparatus. It has enjoyed great success in the USA and it is included in your Pilates session. This truly is a 21st century exercise system that can work for you. The exercises can be adapted to suit all ages and levels of fitness and quite simply it delivers results.

How does it work?

Each machine is comprised of a wall mounted ladder system and a floor unit that includes two independently moving carriages. These offer smooth resistance (or assistance) in both directions.The resistance settings are easily changed to suit all fitness levels and there are about 200 exercises in all.

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