The Allegro 2 reformer gives you the best rehabilitation results

Controlled stretching and a better back

The Pilates reformer may be the single most effective piece of Pilates equipment with which you can achieve the best possible results in your rehabilitation of a health condition. The versatility of the reformer is hugely impressive. Hundreds of exercises can be performed at different levels of difficulty. This means that any part of your body can be targeted to maximise full function in a progressive exercise format. Your return to health and a normal life can be achieved by focussing on core strength, flexibility and stamina. The remarkable Allegro 2 is at the forefront of what can be achieved on a reformer and the results can be life changing.

The word rehabilitation in relation to exercise, generally refers to 'restoring to a former condition' or to 'promoting recovery'. It can also refer to improving physical conditions that cannot easily be addressed medically. Rehabilitation exercises on the Allegro 2 reformer are safe and low impact. Your optimal programme will be a progression of safe and and pain free functional exercises. Measurable gains can be achieved and maintained. It is of great importance that you focus on the quality of movements. Usually just 10 repetitions of a reformer exercise will need to be performed, but as well as you can do them. Your movement should always be about quality rather than quantity.

It falls to the experience and skill of the Pilates teacher to to identify, from the hundreds of reformer exercises available, those exercises that are best suited to bring about the positive changes in your own health condition. Some of these exercises will have to be performed in a certain order and the reformer will need to be calibrated taking into account your age, physical condition and level of expertise. When you have any kind of health condition that affects your ability to exercise you do need a bespoke programme of exercises that are tailored to your own needs. Joining a large group where everyone performs the same exercise at the same time is unlikely to be suitable for you.

The Allegro 2 reformer can make a real difference for you and can give you an improved way to move through your everyday life. Our lives are defined by opportunities and often the ones that we miss.

How does it work?

Usually set at the height of a low bed the Allegro 2 reformer has a carriage that moves horizontally on a track. It is common for beginners to start by lying on the carriage with the feet resting on the footbar. Springs that are attached to the frame and to the footbar provide resistance or assistance. Pushing against the footbar initiates resistance at the beginning of an exercise. As the carriage moves out the spring tension tries to return the carriage and the user has to also apply resistance. Rope attachments and straps allow the feet or hands to also initiate resistance. The Allegro 2 footbar can be placed in any of 9 different positions and offers almost limitless exercise possibilities. The moveable footbar of the Allegro 2 is a world's first and is not available on any other reformer.

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